Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Featuring - Natalie Singh of Treehillcloud

The artist I'm showcasing this week is Natalie Singh, an artist I discovered on Etsy this week. A combination of trees, houses and teapots, with a strong sense of 'folk' influence make this a sure fire favourite of mine, as I love work featuring all of these elements! Natalie tells me she studied Fine Art with Printmaking and Painting in Sydney, and she now runs her own Graphic Design Business in London with her husband, called Artistic Visions.

 All of Natalie's images originate from hand drawn designs which she then develops into digital artwork. I particularly love her use of strong clean lines, fantastic colour palettes, as well as her subject matter.

On reading Natalie's blog, The Homely Place,  I've also discovered that she has recently taken part in a Surface Pattern course, run by Rachel Taylor (and btw I have a serious girl crush on Rachel and her gorgeous work!), and is developing her own range of surface pattern designs which she hopes to license. I'm definitely going to be picking her brains, as I've had my eye on this course myself and it's something I've been thinking about applying to.

If you would like to check out Natalies Etsy shop you can link to it here, where you can find a selection of her beautiful prints, and you can also find out more about how Natalie is developing her surface pattern work on her other blog here.

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