Friday, 15 June 2012

Floral inspiration

I spent yesterday at Birmingham NEC at the Gardeners World Live Show. I've visited there a few times and am always amazed and inspired at the beautiful displays of blooms on show. The colours and smells are divine and there is always inspiration to be found amongst the flowers and plants.

This year what really grabbed me were some of the stunning planting combinations, mixing colours I would never normally consider in my own garden, the bright lime greens and dark reds and browns of the foliage. I think I'll be paying a visit to the local garden centre this weekend in search of some new plants to nurture and grow in our little cottage garden...

Today though I'm having my first mentoring meeting as part of the Design Factory Pilot Scheme, which I was lucky enough to be selected for. I've been going through my aplication and trying to get my thoughts into order, thinking about how I'm going to make the most of this fantastic opportunity and do my own bit of 'growing' myself with my work and business. I'm very excited to be working with my new mentor and I'll keep you posted with developments along the way.


  1. Hope you get some fine weather for your gardening....and that the mentoring session goes well. xx

    1. thanks Madeline, how is it going with you? I'm hoping to get out in garden this weekend, I virtually missed the planting season due to BCTF madness in Spring, but need to put some time in now, weeds are going crazy with all the rain!!

  2. Oh how lovely, hope the mentoring session are useful


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