Tuesday, 12 June 2012

more holiday inspiration

I've been away in my caravan again, back to the beautiful North Yorkshire, but this time further west near the cathedral town of Ripon. We visited Brimham Rocks one day, somewhere I have fond memories of visiting as a child, but this time I went with my husband and my dog. If you have ever been to Brimham Rocks you will know what a wonderful and enchanting place this is, strange granite rock formations rising from the ground, places to play, to hide, to climb, to picnic or just lie back and enjoy the view...

In typical British-weather style we have sunshine one minute and hail stones the next but it didn't stop us exploring. As I always say you never know where you will find inspiration, but these wonderfully strangely shaped rocks certainly fuelled my imagination for the rest of the day...

I spent the evening in the caravan, dog fast asleep, husband ensconced in a book, glass of wine at the ready, all we could hear were the birds and the owls, and I whiled away my evening just doodling. Now that's my idea of a pretty perfect evening.

So with ideas for new work fresh in my mind I've been up to the studio tonight, armed with paint brushes and watercolour box and I've just been having a play with colour, seeing what works and how the paint mixes and flows.... Twatch this space to see how it ends up!

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  1. Sue - I agree, what a wonderful way to spend an evening after a day on the moors, sleepy dogs, occupied other halves, wine and bird calls - I can't think of much that could beat it! xx


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