Monday, 25 June 2012

Sketchbook Peeks - Kirsty Mason

Hi, my name is Kirtsy Mason and I am an embroiderer, I work from my small studio in North Yorkshire and show my work here too. I make framed embroideries and my project over the last few months has been to go “back to basics” and look at my line drawings and sketches of local scenes and the animals around our home and interpret them in machine embroidery as “stitched sketches”. I have used black stitching on a heavy natural linen base to create these pieces and to mimic the look of my drawn sketches.

I have always loved drawing, stitching and making things. As a child I remember stitching buttons onto blankets at my grandmas house, making tiny fairy letters and drawing dragons.

I began using sketchbooks at college when I was taking my City and Guilds in Creative Embroidery. On our first day we were told by our tutor that we would be drawing, sketching and painting and would be unlikely to go anywhere near a needle and thread for our first year!

I sketch as often as I can but not often enough. I am studio based only on a Thursday so that limits things. I generally have a sketchbook tucked in my handbag but don't always feel brave enough to get it out and sketch in public - I am a secret sketcher!

I love new sketchbooks, the uncrumpled pages all shiny and new, I like the expectation and anticipation of how I am going to fill it.

 Inspiration comes from wherever I am, simple line drawings of landscapes or houses or more detailed sketches taken from photos. I have a few different sketchbooks on the go at once, a general A6 size book that fits in my handbag and then a few larger size ones in the studio that I do more detailed work in or project work. I like to flit between them.

I am more freer about what goes in my sketchbooks now, anything goes, sometimes it's not even sketches but just words or notes. In my sketchbooks at the minute I love using pens, especially biros. I always have one in a pocket or in the car, they glide smoothly over the page and I like the "ticking" noise they make when drawing with them - I also love the smell of the ink when you get it layered up nice and thick!

My stonework sketchbook makes me smile as it was the first time I really sketched in public. My children wanted to visit a play centre so I took my book, photos to work from and my pencils, spread them on a table and sketched as the girls played - I was tucked away in the furthest, darkest corner though so no-one would see me!

My favourite page at the moment is the crow page in my latest sketchbook, I think because he has a lovely character and I am excited to see how he's going to develop and what he's going to become.

Thanks to Kirsty for showing us her sketchbooks, if you want to find out more about Kirsty you can visit her website here or follow her on her blog here


  1. Love all the sketches but I think the cow is my favourite.

  2. Love all the Sketches but the cow is my favourite.

  3. I have awarded your blog with an award ‘The Versatile Blog’ and if you want to have a read about it please see my blog. Thank you.


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