Thursday, 28 June 2012


Another weather inspired piece I've been working on this week. It still doesn't have a name yet but is very fitting for today. So far we've had sweltering sunshine, cloud and thunderstorms with lots of rain, who knows we might even get some hail this afternoon!!

So this week I've been doodling every night as I'm working on a new Coastal Range for one of my stockists. I started working on the images way back in March when we were in Devon on holiday and now I'm just making sure I produce at least one new idea every evening after I get in from work. I think it's really important to make the most of those times when you just feel the need to get new work out of your head and onto paper and I think if you leave behind all of the doubts and just pick your pen/pencil/brush up and just create you can produce some of your best work. I know there are some evenings when all I want to do is draw but there seems to be something stopping me... it's frustarting especialy when you don't know what it is. Does anyone else know what I mean or it is just another strange 'me' thing?

Ok, I have a busy few days ahead, I'm off to try my hand at a spot of collage before I nip off to the airport to pick my friend up from sunny Spain... I hope she's bringing her wellies and mac!


  1. Very much a picture for today. The little birds look very well sheltered, I think I might need to borrow their umbrella!

    1. thanks madeline, wish we were getting some sun now, really fancying a BBQ in the garden instead of being stuck in the house gazing thru the rain streaked windows!!


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