Monday, 9 July 2012

Creative process and a peek into my sketchbook

So this week you have the treat (ok, so that's a matter of opinion!!) of a peek into my very own sketchbooks which I thought I'd share with you. I'm always interested in the creative processes of others so I thought I'd share my own pictures and show you how I've been developing some new work for one of my galleries down south...

This work all started when we visited Devon in March of this year, for a weeks holiday in a lovely cottage not far from the coast. I'd been thinking about a coastal-inspired collection for a while and thought I'd draw on inspiration gained from primary sources, fishing villages, smells of the sea, vast deserted beaches and quaint little harbours full of fishing boats.

I wanted to keep shapes basic and I simplified the sometimes complicated 'boat' shapes into the images above. One of the things we learned at college was that sketching from primary sources was of utmost importance when commencing on a new project and this is something I try to stick to before going on to look for images in books and online. I think getting out into the fresh air with a sketchbook is one of the best feelings ever. Time passes unnoticed as the pages slowly fill.

So once back home, sketches safe in my book and photographs taken and stored for easy access, I look back over the sketches I've made and work on developing shapes and composition. I try out of few ideas in small squares on a sketchbook page before deciding on the layout I like.

I really want to keep a common theme in my work, and produce work that is instantly recognisable as 'mine' and I think over time, this has become my use of line. I don't know how this has evolved but it is something that has become more and more apparent when I look back through my sketchbooks of recent years. A unique style or finding my 'thing' was something I struggled with for a long time but it was something that was developing without me even realising it.

Once I had found a way of drawing which I was confortable with, I realised, as an avid colour-lover, that I wanted to introduce colour into my work. I love working with black and white and my monchromatic ranges so far have been well-recieved but I knew, deep down, that colour needed to become an element of my new work. I had tried paint in the past but this didn't fit well with the clean, linear images, paint will be saved for those times when I just need to get messy and try something else.

Someone suggested a few weeks ago I should try collage and with this is mind I was itching to get into the studio armed with scissors and glue, digging out my long-unused boxes of papers, and off I went, experimenting with the many textured and patterned papers I'd collected whilst doing my Foundation course. I am now working on a series of collages, inspired by the sea, using my signature black lines but with a new exciting twist, a big punch of colour. I'll test the market before I come to any conclusions about how people will like it, but one really important thing to me, whether people like it or not, I've enjoyed the creative process of producing something new.

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