Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Featuring - Jessica Rose

Now this weeks' feature has lots of things I just love. To start with, caravans!! You might know a couple of years ago we bought our first caravan.... we were avid tent-campers but with the crappy British weather over here we were finding we just weren't able to get out very much, due to rain, wind, and punctured air-beds, I knew that a caravan was the only answer. My husband took a bit of persuading as at first he thought it was a very middle-aged thing to do, but the voice of reason soon won him over and we LOVE getting away for weekends and holidays in our van. It can rain, hail and even snow, and there we are warm and dry with comfy beds to sleep in and cold wine in the fridge!!

Anyway, I digress.... so this is the beautiful work of Jessica Rose from VOL25, whose gorgeous prints I discovered the other day. Jessica is from Washington, USA, and there she lives her husband and two girls. She is completely self-taught, which I just admire so much, and her work features beautiful sentiments, or the 'warm fuzzies' as she so aptly describes them!

Many people ask what the story is behind the name vol25. In January of 2008 when Jessica opened the doors to her little shop (via she was 25 years old, and she says vol25 was like opening a new volume in her life, which in turn has created several new chapters for her. I love to hear the stories behind business names, they really add another dimension and an extra helping of personality to the whole brand!

all images courtesy of Jessica Rose

If you want to find out more about Jessica and her work you can browse her Etsy shop here, or check out her blog here, you can follow her on Facebook here, or her online ZAzzle shop here for on-demand prints. She is sure is a talented gal.... make sure you check her out!!

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