Friday, 24 August 2012

52 artists 4 Bulwell

One of the things I have learned so far as a Mentee on the Design Factory Mentoring Programme is that I should make the most of as many opportunities as I can. So when I saw a call-out for Nottinghamshire Artists on Twitter to take part in a Community Project based around playing cards, I was intrigued. I read a little more about the project with great interest and got in touch straight away to see whether I could take part.

52 artists for Bulwell is a collaborative artwork between 52 artists who will all design a work of art on the back of a playing card (see mine above). Each artwork will then be left around Bulwell in Nottingham for chance interactions. It is being run by NottArt, a not-for-profit organisation. All works of art can be viewed in an online gallery for the duration of the project. You can find out more here and here... and I'm very excited to be taking part.

('shy bairns get nowt' may be expression you aren't that familiar with, but up North it's one that means 'the shy child was doesn''t ask will never a piece of the action').

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