Thursday, 9 August 2012

Design Factory Mentoring Scheme - Part 1

So last week I told you all about this Mentoring Scheme I'm taking part in (all courtesy of Design Factory). I've decided to blog about it and tell you all about how it is helping me with my business in the hope it will enourage others to apply next time or to try to access business mentors through other channels.
Our (that's me and my mentor, fellow creative and business owner Debbie Bryan) first meeting was in late June where Debbie came on a studio visit and we spent the afternoon chatting about my story so far, looking at my portfolio, going through my application form, and identifying key goals for the six month duration of the scheme, as well as 12 month and 5 year goals for my business.

We looked at the ambitions and aspirations I had identified in my application form
  • to aim to earn consistent income from creative practice
  • explore other media and expland skill-set
  • expand  range of produsts
  • develop ideas, introduce colour, new themes to work
  • collaborate with other artists and exhibit more widely
  • continue and grow creatve business blog to help showcase work of other designer makers
  • work on marketing strategy
  • identify further trade fairs to take part in
  • expand audience nationally and internationally
One of the things I am loving about being mentored is the questions I am being encouraged to ask myself. And one of the really important ones I was asked in my first week was 'What is the puropse and motivation of wanting to achieve the goals I had identified'....

At first when faced with this question I stopped in my tracks and didn't really know what to say. This isn't really something I had asked myself before but once I asked myself this question I realised that some of the initial goals I had set myself weren't very well thought through and this helped me to define goals that were more in line with my purpose and motivation for my creative business. So what is the purpose and motivation for what you are currently up to in your creative business?? Would love to hear.. please feel free to leave me a comment.

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