Wednesday, 26 September 2012

A surprisingly good trip to Wirksworth Art Festival

A couple of weeks ago, on second weekend in September it was Wirskworth Festival. Now, I'd heard on the grapevine it was good event to go to so on saturday afternoon we poddled off to go and see what it was like, and my goodness, had we underestimated how good it would be! The whole of the village is taken over by the Arts for the weekend, people open up their houses for artists to display their work in (which my husband thought was great as he also got to nosey into an array of gorgeous homes), shop windows are full of arts and crafts, installations etc, there was live music in the streets, book sales, antique and bric-a-brac, and there was LOADS to see! I don't even think a blog post can do the place justice but I'll give it a try!

Art Displays in the street

Display of gorgeous prints in an old railway cabin

There was literally all kinds of media to see, from textiles, collage, painting, print, pencil drawings, ceramics, but one of my favourite displays was that of  Duncan Thurlby, who creates wonderfully characterful metal scupltures, as seen above. There were dogs, fish, gorillas to name but a few and set in the most stunning surroundings, the gardens of Babington House, where live music was playing and people were chilling out with ice-creams and admiring the sights and sounds on offer.

Whilst wandering the back streets and alleys, looking for the next location to admire, there were also window displays in the most unexpected places. Below is the ceramic work and gorgoues sketchbooks of Charlotte Dredge, who is a member of Design Factory, we found this little treasure trove of goodness on display in the Vets window.
Work by Charlotte Dredge
Then there was the stunning swan textile piece which was made up of textile labels, in The Book Shop window. This was made by Derbsyhire-based textile artist Joy Pitts.

So this is just a small glimpse into the Arts Festival at Wirksworth. It was a lovely day out, I just wish I had worn better shoes (flip flops and steep hills are not good together!) and had given myself more time to explore and take it all in!! It was a fab day out and one I'll definitely be applying to next year!

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