Sunday, 23 September 2012

Nottingham Loves Words

Up close and personal with my Nottingham Loves Words poster I made live at the launch Event for Nottinghams Festival of Words. This was a reponse to the events of the evening, a stupendous summary of which you can read here, written by the lovely Creative Nottingham blogger @johnwithbeard, who I got to meet on the night! It really was an amazing evening, and a complete first for me, sketching in front of about 100-150 people, getting to meet some lovely contacts and feel part of the Festival. During the main weekend of the Festival in February 2013 I will be the artist in residence at the Newton Building at NTU, so in the meantime I'm hoping to visit a lot of the Lace:Here:Now events across the region for some inspiration for a new body of lace-inspired work.

To be honest, it seems like a lifetime ago I was getting my drawing board and pens together and heading down to Antenna, where the event took place. It's been a very busy fortnight since then, what with Melbourne, my non-trip to London, painting my tree for the Notingham Show and spending time on my mentoring with Debbie Bryan. I'm getting ready for a few days off to rest and relax, re-energise and come back feeling renewed and enthused for more good stuff. This year so far has been so far beyond my expectations that I feel I want to keep the momentum, continue to challenge myself and get involved in lots more projects and collaborations....

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