Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Sketchbook Peeks - Anna Wright

Woo Hoo, Sketchbook Peeks is back after a hectic few weeks, where I haven't even had the time to plan or schedule any blog posts!! I'm slowly catching up on blogs/emails/sleep after a really exciting September. I have loads to tell you, but I'll break it down over the next couple of weeks, so I don't bore you to death with what I've been up to!! (but I can't wait to let you know, very exciting stuff in the pipeline!!)

Whilst researching the trade fairs I would like to visit, with a view to applying to them next year, I came across Top Drawer in London and decided to take a closer look. I researched which artists/designers I wanted to visit while I was there and I found a few whose work I loved, so I thought I'd make contact and then go and say hi on the day. Unfortunately when I arrived at the train station to go and visit Top Drawer on Monday morning I discovered I had done a really blonde thing and booked my ticket for Friday and not Monday, so I'd totally miss the show!! I was really disappointed, but needless to say, one of the contacts I did make prior to messing up my booking was Anna Wright, illustrator extraordinaire and very talened lady. I asked if she would like to be featured on the blog, and very kindly she agreed, at what must be a very busy time for her. SO this is what she had to say...

'I have always been interested in fabrics, wallpaper, feathers, flowers (the list goes on..!) and anything involving craft. Having initially having ideas of going in to performance costume, textiles or jewellery I was encouraged into illustration.

I had to work out a way to transform all the things I loved into a 2D format, which is how I started to use fabric, feathers and trimmings with my drawing.

After graduating (from Edinburgh College of Art) I went down to London, but found it too expensive to survive, so I got a job with a bespoke jacket designer. However after a year or so I felt the need to give my work another go, so headed home to South West Scotland, and began with commissions and exhibitions.

Everything has unfolded from there and now I sell prints, cards, bags and books etc.

Sketchbooks are always encouraged in education, so I would say I have been using them since I was about 10. However as I have developed I would say my ʻsketchbookʼ use has become more unconventional.

As I love the tactile nature of things, collage, bits and pieces, not just drawing. My sketchbooks are often stitched together, with bits of fabric, ribbon and anything beautiful I clap my hands on.

My favourite way to sketch is on a huge roll of old wallpaper. I love the freedom of it and the way the drawings are unveiled in one long roll. I also love the fact it is a beautiful object in itself, with the painted pattern of wallpaper on the outside and drawings rolled up inside.

I am obviously a fan of pen and ink, for me it adds character that alot of other tools cannot. I also quite like using sticks with ink to create a bolder more looser line. This combined with colourful textiles gets me VERY excited.

Thanks to Anna for taking part in my Sketchbook Peeks interview. If you want to find out more about Anna and her gorgeous work you can check out her website here

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