Thursday, 11 October 2012

Been away a while....

I've been away for a couple of weeks of rest and relaxation after my manic September. We spent a week in Madeira and then a few days in our caravan in Derbyshire and had a really lovely time. I hate to say it but our first week has re-confirmed what we probably always thought... we don't really 'do' hotels. Don't get me wrong they are great for a short city break but we much prefer the freedom of self-catering and being able to please ourselves (and make a cuppa when we fancy it!). All said, it was a lovely fortnight break but we both seemed to think we had a better time in our caravan for the few sunny days we spent at Chatsworth!! Plus the autumnal colours here are just amazing at the moment so it was great to get out and do some walking with our dog!

So now it's time to get back into 'creativity' and I think there is so much on my to-do list it's going to take me most of tomorrow to write it!! Creative Twinning and the up-coming exciting events will be occupying some of my October but having seen my bank balance I think it's time to get some more work out to my stockists. Emerge exibition will be ending soon but I have a few more things in the pipeline before Christmas. I also heard last week I've been accepted for the Harley Christmas Market which will take place over the last weekend in November. I've applied a couple of times before so am very chuffed to have been accepted this year.

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