Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Creative Twinning - Bethany Walker

Bethany Walker is an exciting emerging Mixed Media Artist best known for her ‘signature’ combination of materials – cement and textiles. An odd combination you may think - but this dynamic contrast of materials create beautiful and captivating pieces which possess immense tactile qualities. Bethany has developed her individual hand techniques, meaning each piece is individual and creates intrigue with its integral shape, colour and relief.

Bethany’s work explores connections and contrasts in the urban environment – things we all observe daily but often overlook. The dynamics of the graphic and organic; the old and the new are an endless source of inspiration for the artist. She aims to celebrate the mundane qualities of those things commonly seen as dull and insignificant – giving it a renewed appreciation.

Endeavouring to break new ground, Bethany is pushing the boundaries of contemporary textiles - blurring design disciplines, breaking preconceptions and traditionalist viewpoints to create pleasantly stunning pieces. I got to meet Bethany for the first time when I went to the Designers Resolutions Evening at Antenna in Nottingham, where I heard her talk about her work, and the collaborations she is currently working on. It was great to be able to put another face to a twitter contact and it was really interesting to hear about her work.

I asked Bethany why she had applied to be part of Creative Twinning and what such an opportunity means her her, and this is what she had to say:

'I am a ‘newbie’ to the Creative Twinning group, having just recently joined. I first heard about the opportunity to join the group through their ‘call out’ on Design Factory’s webpage, this summer. I have been following the group since their trip to Eunique in Karlsruhe, Germany earlier this year so was keen to apply. Unfortunately the deadline passed without me realising so was thrilled when I was contacted by Debbie Bryan and asked if I wanted to take part – needless to say I jumped at the chance!

Being a part of Creative Twinning will not only develop my network but my practice also through new input, new opportunities and new avenues to explore. As an emerging artist this opportunity is invaluable. I am looking forward to exchanging ideas with artists working across a variety of mediums and possibly striking up new collaborations.

As an artist born and bred in Nottingham I am keen to support Creative Twinning which highlights the city’s creative talents and promotes its creative businesses here and abroad. I thoroughly enjoyed my first events with the group at the end of October. I am looking forward to what the future holds with Creative Twinning and being involved in such an exciting collaboration – watch this space!

If you want to find out more about Bethany and her stunning work you can check out her website here and you can follow her on Facebook here

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