Thursday, 8 November 2012

Even creation needs a break...

I read this in the Lowdham Parish Magazine when I was sitting in the Garage the other week waiting for my car and it made me think! I'm sure the context of the parish magazine article was about something 'greater' and a lot more religious than what's going on in my little creative part of planet earth but the title 'even creation needs a break' really rang true with me.

This year has been such a good one, I feel as though I have achieved some major milestones for my creative business and I've really ticked a lot of my boxes on the 'Wish List' for the year. The last few weeks I've found it really difficult to keep up the pace, motivation and enthusiasm for being creative, and I think this has been demonstrated by my lack of blog posts, social media,studio time and new work. I haven't even been running for three weeks, which I regretted this morning when I put on my running shoes and went out in the fresh (cold) morning air and attempted a little run! So all of this tells me I need to take my foot off the gas for a while, regroup and refocus. I think I know myself well enough now to realise this isn't a bad thing, in fact it's a really good thing. I've felt like this before, and I know it won't last for long, I think taking a bit of time out to think and re-evalaute your direction is really positive and motivating. The creative process for me isn't a constant, it ebbs and flows, and the easiest way to work through it is just to go with the flow and enjoy the journey.

I've got some great things in the pipeline on the run up to Christmas, several group exhibitions, a Christmas Market, and news about new creative ventures which I'll share with you soon. There's also a review of the Creative Twinning Event at Nottingham Contemporary to tell you all about, lots of lovely talented creative people and their work. So watch this space, the creative embers are glowing again, so the next blog post will be here soon. Plus I've found a new Yoga class, first one tonight

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  1. Sue, this is so true and totally understandable. I think that quite often we are expected to be constantly creative in this fast paced world. Creativity just doesn't work like that for me either though.

    I truly believe that everyone needs down time to refuel. In fact, I'd love to meet a person who is 100% at the top of their game ALL of the time whether it was an artist, a footballer or a super dooper fancy company director!

    I reckon you need to concentrate on the fabulousness of what you've achieved this year (You are doing so well) and make the most of having a bit of a lull.



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