Thursday, 3 January 2013

Looking backwards and forwards

I don't know about you, but the 'end of the year' time of year for me is a time for thinking, mulling things over, planning ahead, looking back at achivements, reflecting, cogitating, pondering, looking back and looking forward... I love going through this process. Looking back at where I was this time last year and where I am now gives me a great sense of achievement, it makes me feel really positive to look back at what I ahve done and it reinforces my sense of purpose for me and my business.

I think 2012 has been the best one so far for me and my creativity. I've taken so many journeys out of my comfort zone and feel as I am really hitting my stride. I feel inspired and driven and I want to succeed and I have a clearer idea than I've ever had before about what I want to achieve and how I want to do it. It's a good place to be and I'm loving every moment.

I also think the beginning of the year time is a time for planning new ventures and making that WISH LIST of what you want out of the coming year. I'm hoping 2013 is going to be even bigger and better and I have lots of exciting things in store, being the Artist in Residence for the Nottingham Festival of Words for one thing, is something I'm MEGA excited about. I'll also be taking part in the 5th SOCK Fair, at Loughborough Town Hall and will be returning to the British Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate in April. So a very busy beginning of the year for me. I also have a showwcase at Ferrers gallery which opens next week from 11th january 2013 until 24th March where you will be able to see some of newest works, and browse a selection of prints and originals. very exciting!!

So, a question for you dear readers, what are you proud of achieving in 2012 and what are your plans for 2013? I'd love to hear....


  1. At the time, I didn't think that 2012 was going all that well, but looking back on it now I did achieve a lot. New shops, lots of traffic to my blog and connected with lots of wonderful creative people. I'd like more of the same for 2013. To grow my business, but slowly and sustainably. Oh, and not get too stressed!

  2. That all sounds really exciting - especially the festival of words! For me, the year is being with a website overhaul & new online shop (although I'm beginning to regret it!) but my mai aim for this year is to get out there and find more stockists for my work. Here's hoping 2013 works out well for everyone!


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