Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Simple Things - New Year Wishlist

So, this is a new magazine I discovered over Christmas and it is chock full of beautiful imagery, interiors, interviews etc, all themed around The Simple Things in life being the most-fulfilling. I'm not the only one to have discovered this little gem, I also noticed Alison Bartram from Heart Gallery in Hebden Bridge had blogged recently on a similar theme, and her lovely blog post inspired me to reflect on my wish-list for 2013 which I made recently. Like Alison, I have decided to keep my personal wish-list simple so here it is:

1. Watch less TV: So often the TV is on in the background and we end up, especially at the time of year, mindlessly watching whatever crap is on. Well, no more, I'm taking charge of the remote and switching it off... Instead I'm going to enjoy the silence and...

2. Read more books. The last few years as I have got busier with my art business my reading has suffered and I have only seemed to have time to read on holiday. I love reading and can easily devour a book in a day, I love more than getting lost within the pages of a right good read. Now I have my new Kindle I'm resolving to read more books, and to try some of the classics, a Thomas Hardy or Jane Austen perhaps...

3. Get more sleep - since New Year I have been making more of an effort to go to bed earlier, and as a result, I feel loads better. I'm also cutting down on my alcohol intake (after a rather over-indulgent New Years Eve Party!) and getting to bed at least an hour earlier. Result - much more energy and feeling lots more positive.

4. Be thankful - One thing I thought of to kick the New Year off on a positive note it to write in my diary every day ONE thing I'm really thankful for that day. Today I could have been really miffed that I had a 20 mile drive to work in the snow, but instead I turned this negative thought into a positive one and was thankful I got to see so much beautiful snowy scenery on my frosty drive to work.

5. Do more things I've never done before, challenge myself more and step out of the comfort zone, let's see how that goes.

6. Fly a kite - this has been on my wish list for a few years. I need to do this in 2013!

So there is my little wish-list... what's on yours??

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  1. i recently subscribed to this mag - it is gorgeous, isn't it??
    i've got a list similar to yours... i've started a couple of things on it - writing more snail mail, blogging more and reading more...
    may you add to, and do more things on, your list :o)


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