Sunday, 17 February 2013

Being the Artist in Residence for the Nottingham Festival of Words

So it has been a long time coming but the Festival of Words Artist in Residence slot has finally arrived and I've been busy this weekend at my stand in the Newton Building of Nottingham Trent University (see below)

As some of you know, I applied to the Nottingham Festival of Words last summer and was subsequently accepted, I was over the moon. Then when I was offered the Artist in Residence slot I was even more delighted. But as the weekend was looming I began to wonder whether I would be able to do the position justice and I started to mull over ideas of the things I wanted to do over the Festival Weekend.

As well as exhibiting my new Collection of work, inspired by words of love and made especially for the Festival of Words, I decided to run a drop-in collaborative 'live' art work which I would be inviting visitors and members of the public to contribute to. The task of participants was to draw a pebble shape (which reflected the pieces of work I was exhibiting at the Festival, and then to write words/words inside it of something that person loves). The aim was to build up a work of art over the course of the weekend made of pebble shapes, full of words that the contributors love. It was great to see people demonstrating their own artistic flair, adding flourishes and illustrations to their work.

It was fantastic to see the piece build and grow over the course of the first day (Saturday) and to see families, adults and children of all ages taking part.

It was also interesting and fun to read the words people had written. Every aspect of lives were covered, from peoples' names, family pets, places, food, activities, friends, smells and tastes. It was extremely rewarding to have been involved in this part of the Festival and it has most definitely made me think about other collaborations and ways of working in the future. Lots of ideas buzzing around my head at the moment...

Here is an image of Saturdays 'live art work'. I think the results are fantastic and have made this part of the project really worthwhile and rewarding.


  1. Hi Sue

    I didn't have a chance to say hello on Saturday but I loved your work and the idea of the wall for everyone to have a go with was a great idea.

    Though you might like to see this shot I took for Leftlion

    Take care

  2. I love your live art work! It's such a great idea. Hope you enjoyed the weekend, it must've been a fantastic experience. Oh and I'm sure you did it justice:)


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