Monday, 11 February 2013

Book Review - The Artist Unique - Carmen Torbus

It's time again for my monthly book review and this month I'm reviewing The Artist Unique by Carmen Torbus.

The Artist Unique is a treasure trove of ideas for exploration and self discovery in your creativity. It is all about finding your own voice rather than copying projects and ideas directly from a book.

It gives a great selection of 15 different techniques and effects brought to you by 15 contributing artists. I particularly enjoyed these sections as I live finding our about other artists and their creative processes.

This book is like a tool kit giving ideas for different mark making media, attachments, texture makers and other paraphernalia. There are several work sheets to work through which might help you find that spark of inspiration and all of the way through the book you are encouraged to try out the different techniques and put your own individual mark onto the work you produce.

I think this book is ideal for those who feel as though they are still looking for their true creative voice and haven't quite found it yet. I don't think there is a guaranteed recipe or path for finding it, but when you do, you will know. And even if you have travelled down the route of self discovery who's to say that's the end of your journey, you can always go further, develop or refine your style or try something completely different. There are no rules, you can make them up as you go along.

The author, Carmen Torbus,has done a great job with this book. There is just the right balance of information and instruction but plenty of inspiration and encouragement to go your own way.

If you would like the chance to win this book please leave a comment telling me about the latest new skill you have learned and how you have put it to use.


  1. I havn't necessarily learned a new skill lately but I am a massive fan of mixing media's Inks, dyes, bleach, water colour etc. can create some fanastic effects and some even better accidents. :)

  2. This looks a great book - I'd love to win a copy
    I recently learned screenprinting, I love it and want to screenprint everything!!

  3. Looks like a lovely book. I haven't learnt a new skill as such lately but have taken up an old skill (crocheting. Actually saying that, I recently did my first art journalling page.

  4. I'd love a copy of this! I think it looks great if you get - even just one little nugget from it. Next week I'm going to print onto clay using a friends printing roller - I'll post results on my blog or Facebook page - whether it works or not!

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  6. Teaching students about how to find their own creative process is a very difficult a book like this cold help them ( and me ) thanks fr the review , would love to win a copy :-)

  7. What a wonderful book. Pick me to win PLEASE!
    I'm working hard to liberate my inner creative writer at the moment but have been surprised to learn my other creative potential as part of this process. I now realise, anything that inspires the creative mind is good and it all contributes to my writing.

  8. Hello Sue. Saw your lovely work at the Nottingham Festival of Words.

    I like trying different out different ways to be creative & recently a friend gave me some sewing tutorials, so I've been trying out making sock monkeys and felt skulls.

  9. What a fantastic idea for a book. On and off for years, I've struggled with artistic voice. I would love to win this for as a resource for my students, my teenagers, and me. Lately I've been working with pastels on a beeswax ground.

  10. What a great review. Thank you so much!!

    xo & buckets of belief in you,

  11. Looks like a lovely book!

    I've just begun making resin pieces and experimenting with using a lasercutter in my own handmade paper, in my current project Lace & Clockwork. I've been embedding cogs and other watch components into epoxy resin as part of the process of looking at the journey of time. Can't wait for my latest pieces to cure!

  12. Such a good idea for a book! I have always struggled with finding my own artistic voice, which has lead to me doing barely anything art related since leaving university nearly 6 years ago. And consequently I haven't learned any new skills recently!!

  13. And the winner is Mummybear!! Hurray and congrats


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