Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Catching up with mundane jobs

Today was my first day back in the studio after a week of being poorly, a weeks holiday in Norfolk and a long weekend of having some great quality time with an old friend. It was good to get back to work, but before I could do anything I decided my studio had become a complete mess and I just had to tidy up! I can't start work when the place is in a mess so I spent a good couple of hours with the radio on sorting out the debris of boxes, stock, invoices, sketchbooks and paperwork that seem to have accumulated since the pre-christmas rush. I sometimes resent having to spend time on the mundane jobs, such as tidying up, sorting out stock and doing paperwork, but I suppose these jobs need doing to keep the wheels turning. I can get on with some new work on Thursday after my first new gallery visit of the year. Watch this space for details...

All is now ship-shape and I feel I can see the floor a bit better now, and things just seem to feel more tidy in my own head too! This looks better doesn't it? All clean and tidy and ready for a very productive and busy start to 2013. At least I will stand a better chance of being able to find things now!

Have you been gripped by spring-cleaning fever yet or is your studio a bit less regimented and more 'relaxed'?

1 comment:

  1. Your studio looks super organised after the sort out. I'm a bit excited that I've actually got a studio now! As it was only completed at the start of Dec it is still quite neat and tidy.


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