Thursday, 7 February 2013

When your friends make your wishes come true...

Remember in January when I blogged about my 2013 Wish List and the simple things I wanted to do this year? Well, a very good (and thoughtful) friend of mine read my blog post and then came to stay for a long weekend a few weeks later. And what should arrive by special delivery on the Saturday morning of her stay? My very own kite!!

This was number 6 on the wishlist and I got to make that little wish come true on a windy Sunday morning with a very special friend and my very special husband. It was great fun, very cold, but great fun, it makes me thankful that I have people in my life who listen to my dreams (however grand or small) and help to make them come true!


  1. That gave me a warm fuzzy feeling!

    1. me too Helen, I was so touched she had ordered it and it was really liberating to fly it too!!

  2. Aw that is lovely. Flying a kite is one of the best things to raise your spirits on a breezy day.


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