Monday, 11 March 2013

Approaching Galleries - Part 3

As part of the blog series about approaching galleries, I have been asking some of my stockists what their views are on the best ways we can approach them and also the things they are looking out for in a 'pitch'. Deidre Gage, owner of Created Gallery in Chesterfield has very kindly agreed to give us her views and opinions of what works for her and how we, as makers, can improve our chances of getting snapped up!!

Do you prefer to find new artists/designers yourself or do you like them to contact you?

We don't mind but if they contact us but we prefer an email with images and trade prices so that we can make a decision about taking it further. We don't like folks turning up in the shop with their work as we don't have time to see them. Also it's annoying to have people who are not really ready to approach businesses. There is so much help out there, so I would advise people to be properly prepared before contacting galleries.

What kind of information would you hope to gain when considering stocking new work?

Trade price, and whether or not the maker supplies work on a Sale or Return (SOR) basis.

What kind of factors would influence your decision about whether to stock new work?

We have to consider whether it will sell in our shop. It might be fabulous work but not right for our customers or the price might be too high. We are also very passionate at Created about UK-made work so we would definitely base our decision on whether the work is made in the UK.

What is the most novel kind of way someone has got you to notice them or their work?

To be honest, being professional and business like is so novel that this always grabs my attention.

Big Thanks to Deirdre and the team at Created for giving us some more top tips about approaching galleries. I hope you have found this series helpful. In the next instalment I'll be telling you about what worked for me and how I went about approaching some of my galleries.

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