Thursday, 28 March 2013

Blog Feature Call Out - spreading the blog love

Hi all, I'm on the hunt for more talented creative people to feature on the blog and thought I'd post about what I'm looking for. I've hinted at a few new series on  twitter and have had few enquiries so thought I'd spill the beans and see who's interested..

Sketchbook Peeks:

I'm always keen to nose into other peoples' sketchbooks as I'm fascinated by how different creative practitioners/artists/designer-makers use sketchbooks within their practice and how work develops and grows into the final piece. If you use sketchbooks as part of your practice and would like your pages to be featured and shown to the world, then all you need to do is answer the questions below and send your responses along with 5 to 10 pictures of your sketchbook pages with links to online sites and I will let you know whether you have been chosen to feature: (my email address can be found on my website contact page here)

  • Before we start, tell us a little about yourself/how did you get into art/craft/design career and how it all started and where you are now
  • How long have you been using sketchbooks?
  • How often do you sketch?
  • How do you feel about the prospect of starting a new sketchbook?
  • When/where do you get your inspiration for your sketchbook pages? How would you describe your creative process?
  • Have your sketchbooks evolved over the years and if so, how?
  • What is your favourite medium to work with?
  • Do you have a favourite sketchbook?
  • If you had to pick one favourite page which would it be and why?

Inspired by:

This is a new series which was inspired by a recent blog post I read about how different things inspire us to form new ideas and new work. I love learning about different creative processes and how we draw our initial inspiration from ideas/concepts/sights/sounds/smells/experiences/people we come across in our day-to-day lives. If you would like to be featured as part of this series then drop me an email telling me about the your source of inspiration and how it helped you to develop, for example:
  • a new collection
  • single piece of work
  • a collaboration
  • branding
  • recent project
If you can send me images, a small introduction about you and your work, as well as text describing your inspiration and it helped inform and shape your work, as well as links to online websites etc.

If you have any other ideas or suggestions for features you would like to see on the blog please feel free to get in touch and let me know.

Have a great Easter weekend

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  1. I don't use sketchbooks now but I have in the past. here is a link to my website and blog!portfolio/c7dv
    come and visit ...x


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