Monday, 4 March 2013

Book Review - Raw Art Journaling - Quinn McDonald

This is the third in my series of creative book reviews and this month I’m delving into the pages of Raw Art Journaling by Quinn McDonald, a certified creativity coach who creates her own art, writes and teaches. I think this background serves her well and this book is a testament to her experience in guiding people in their own creative ventures.

This book looks at art journaling as a way of recording your life and experiences, it’s all about creating it for yourself and not for others to look at and admire, stressing the importance of leaving your inner critic voice or your ‘gremlin’ behind and going forward embracing your imperfections in your art and creativity.

Initially we are taken back to basics and we look at the range of material and tools and media out there and the author encourages readers to make a start and forget their fears, and to begin feeding and nurturing your creativity.

I really enjoyed the emphasis in the book about ways of using words in your work, having recently produced a whole new body of work which was inspired by words. I especially like the task about creating your own poetry from found words. I also loved reading the section of a box of words, I think I might try this myself. There are many other exercises and projects sprinkled throughout the book for you to try yourself.

I think this book would be perfect for the would-be journaller who doesn’t quite know where and how to start but I also think the tasks, projects and experiments would be perfect for anyone from students to more accomplished creative practitioners to try to incorporate words into their sketchbook or art journal.

For the chance to win a copy of this book please leave me a comment below telling me about one word which you think describes your work or a word you use in your work....


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