Wednesday, 10 April 2013

BCTF and how it went....

So I'm safely home from BCTF 2013, after a rather scarily eventful journey back from Harrogate on my own, towing the caravan and one of the tyres blowing out!! Luckily for me I wasn't on the motorway but less than a mile from home. It could have been so much worse, but thank goodness for the RAC, saviours, all of them!!

I now find myself with a big space in my diary for the next six months, having had a very busy start to the year, with Festival of Words, SOCK and BCTF, and I must admit I'm rather glad, enjoyable as it has all been, that these events are over and I now have a bit of time. I'm looking forward to a week in the Outer Hebrides with my man and my dog, and then a big holiday later in the year to Canada with the folks. All very exciting on the personal front.

I have time to reflect on my BCTF experience and work out what went well and what could have gone better. It was quieter for me this year, although I did get orders, I didn't meet any new stockists of my work. My new work did get some great feedback so I'm hoping that orders will trickle in over the next few weeks! It was really great to catch up with old friends, colleagues from Design Factory and also new friends too. If nothing else, BCTF has been a great place to interact and chat with other creatives and bounce ideas around. I've come home with some exciting prospects and some great possibilities for collaborations and new ideas for my work and how I'm going to develop it this year.... hint.... there may be a brief departure from paper.....!

As always the standard of work on show amazed me, there was just so much talent packed into one big room. I'll be blogging about some of my favourites over the next few weeks so watch this space for some top-class eye candy!
One thing which really stood out for me this year was the feedback about this blog and this really made me happy!! Thanks to everyone who passed on their encouraging and positive comments about my posts. It's lovely that people are finding it helpful and it is becoming better known amongst my fellow creatives. This year will be bringing exciting new developements to my web presence and I'll be introducing some new series as well as keeping up with current ones. If there is anything in particular you would like to see, please drop me a line, I'm very open to ideas.

SO that's all from me for today. I've finished unpacking and am going to spend the rest of the afternoon chilling out before I zip off to say goodbye to a very dear colleague who is leaving work today.


  1. It does feel like the first four months of the year have flown by in a hectic flurry for many of us. Glad you have time to breathe now! I think creative work really does need a lot of 'slow' time, to catch up and ponder new ideas.

    Not to mention that making lots of good things takes time, so time off in between big events is necessary really!

    Looking forward to your new projects. Very intrigued!

  2. Sorry to have missed you when I did my research visit Sue. I think you were at lunch.





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