Thursday, 18 April 2013

Comfort zones and beyond....

Ok, so you might be wondering why on earth I have posted a picture of a cup of tea in my bed?? Well I wanted to try to demonstrate 'the comfort zone'... For me, a lazy Sunday morning in bed, listening to the radio, drinking a cup of tea with possibly a bacon sarnie or two to nibble! Cosy, comfortable but unfortuntely not a place you can stay forever. I could leave it for the comfort of my sofa, on a rainy day with a book and a roaring fire, maybe another cuppa and my dog lying by my feet. But wouldn't life get a bit boring and predictable if we stayed in our comfort zones ALL of the time?

Today I left my comfort zone far behind me when I agreed to do a talk in front of about 8 designer-makers on the Enterprising Ashfield Business Scheme. I took part in a scheme quite similar to this a few years ago and it was one of the things that helped me to decide on my direction and goals, and I was invited to share my own story with the group.

I admit that the thought of public speaking has made me break out in a cold sweat and look for the nearest exit since the early of my teens and all through university and my working life I have avoided it like the plague.... Recently I came to the conclusion that I was actually going to have to start telling my story verbally as well as here on the blog and I knew I was going to have to tackle my phobia head-on especailly if I wanted to increase my exposure and get my name out there more. So I agreed to do this talk...

I read a great article last night on the Creative Boom website which made me feel a bit better about it, whilst I was busy doing my preparations. I went along today and strangely didn't feel nervous, I was well-prepared and I knew what I was going to say and I think it went well. It was a smallish group and was quite informal, with people asking questions and interacting, all in all a really enjoyable experience - Who's have thought??

So I can safely say I'll be looking to venture out of my comfort zone again. I think it's the place where things happen and, take my word for it, not as scary as I thought!!

If you want a few tips from the experts, read this article by Katy from Creative Boom. it's a good one, full of top tips for public speaking.

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