Wednesday, 17 April 2013

My BCTF Favourites - Katherine Lees

This is the second in my series of blog posts about some of my favourite stands and designers-makers I came across at this years BCTF. After day 1 of the show I stole a glance or two around the newcomers section and one of the stands which stood out for me was that of Katherine Lees. I, unfortunately didn't get to meet Katherine at the show but since getting home I've been in touch and asked whether I could feature her beautiful ceramics...

I asked Katherine to tell me a little about herself and how she found the whole BCTf experience as a newcomer. This is what she had to say....

I am a designer-maker primarily working in ceramics which I combine with textiles and precious metals to produce unique objects including vessels and jewellery. After graduating with BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design from Manchester Metropolitan University in June 2012, I set up a studio in Lincolnshire and supply work to galleries and craft shops across England. Inspired by Victorian antique objects; my work celebrates charms, amulets and the symbolism and beliefs we hold which surround these types of objects. I am interested in exploring the meaning behind certain items as I think the connection between people and objects is really fascinating.

This was my first year at the BCTF, being the first major trade show I have exhibited at; preparing for the fair seemed a daunting task. Speaking to other more experienced artists at Design Factory meetings, reading blogs about previous BCTF shows and articles on tips for trade fairs like on the Design Trust all helped me prepare. I found it useful to lay my stand out at home in the weeks running up to the fair to test out different a few different layout ideas.

Overall I was really pleased with my finished stand, next year I would like to incorporate more flat surface areas to display a larger variety of vessels as I develop my range. The best thing about the BCTF was meeting so many wonderful makers and friendly people involved in the craft world. I have been really overwhelmed by the camaraderie and support available from more experienced makers and organisations for emerging makers like myself. For further information please see:

Thanks for taking part in the blog Katherine and best wishes for your future ventures!


  1. Katherines work is beautiful and her stand looks fantastic.

  2. i agree, i loved her work, just had to have her on the blog

  3. Hi Sue, I've seen your work before and loved it, but I've just been reading back through all your posts with business advice. Makes me realize I'm doing a lot of drifting, and I think I really need a mentor to help me along! Thanks a lot for all your advice and sharing.


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