Friday, 26 April 2013

My BCTF Favourites - Samantha Robinson

I'm featuring another of my Design Factory in my pick of BCTF favourites this week and this time it's Samantha Robinson, maker of delicate porcelain ceramics. I got to meet Sam last year when I took part in the Creative Twinning Event at Nottingham Contemporary in October...

Sam works with a subtle combination of ceramics, metals and textiles to produce an exciting and creative take on commonplace objects. Inspired by clothing labels, tags and packaging, the collection represents part of a contemporary culture, which appears to be obsessed with women’s body size and image.
This challenges the orthodox view of ‘everyday’ things.

The processes involved are slip casting, hand building, soldering, piercing, stitch and embossing.
This blend of techniques and materials provide a quirky, desirable range that appeals to a wide audience of people.

Sam has recently collaborated with two other Design Factory members, Phiona Richards and Sharyn Dunn, who I featured earlier on the blog, when they took part in the 'Synchronise' Exhibition at NCCD in Sleaford. I just love how delicate this work is, it has a real translucent quality which you can see in the image above as it is lit from inside.

If you want to find out more Sam and her work you can check out her website here

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  1. Love Samantha's combination of materials. I didn't get chance to explore her work at the BCTF, so thanks for sharing.


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