Tuesday, 7 May 2013

a brief history of my blogging - a preview of BlogInc Review

This week I thought I would write a review of this fab book about blogging. I decided to buy it when I returned from my last trade fair in April after I had received many positive comments about the blog over the course of the show. It really astounded me that I had so many readers and to meet them and hear how much my blog has helped them really made me stop and think, I liked this new feeling and I realised it was something I really wanted to work on and grow this part of my business. I'm still not really sure of what I will do but I have a few secret ideas on the back-burner... watch this space for details....

I started writing my first blog in 2007 (OMG that seems soooo long ago). Back then it was more of a diary of my creative ventures where I could show what I was working on at the time and interact with other creatives, although it was a lot more of me chatting to myself than to anyone else! I didn't really have much direction at that point and didn't know where my creativity was headed, I just knew it was headed somewhere.

As time has gone on and I've rebranded, my blog has become more of place where I share my experiences and what I'm learning about running a creative business rather than it just being about what I'm working on at any one time. I still share my work, but now I'm also featuring other artists whose work I love, sketchbooks whose pages I can't get enough of, local events, shows, interviews and guest posts. It has in fact become more of an online collection of articles and features, rather than just being about me!

The turning point occurred in 2012 when I was preparing for my first trade fair and I blogged about the whole process, what worked well and what I could have done better. This is when I noticed my readership stats starting to rise. From a few hundred visits per month I got over 3000 in April last year. This was most definitely food for thought, people seemed to be liking what they were reading, so I decided to make more of a concerted effort to make the blog as useful and helpful to other creative business owners and it was really rewarding to get so much positive feedback. So the blog is now growing steadily and I decided I wanted to look into ways I may be able to make it a bigger part of my business.

A fellow tweep recommended BlogInc to me and I couldn't wait for it to arrive. The tag line of 'blogging for passion, profit and to create community' sounded just up my street, all of the reasons I wanted to blog summed up very nicely.

This post would have gone on forever, trust me, so I decided, for you, to split it into two, you can read the my review, without the 'my blog history' later this week....

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