Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Approaching Galleries - Putting the top tips into practice

Remember my blog posts on Approaching Galleries? The whole series seemed to be a really popular one, attracting lots of positive feedback and comments from readers. If you missed it, I'll give you a brief summary (and I promise I'll keep it brief!):

Several of my readers had asked if I would write a blog post on How to Approach Galleries. I asked four of my lovely stockists if they would mind helping me out with some advice and tips on what works well for them and what they expect when they are approached by new artists and designers. The posts can be found here:
  1. Part 1 - from Tracey Benton of Atelier in Devon
  2. Part 2 - from Jane Needham from the Craft Centre and Design Gallery in Leeds
  3. Part 3 - from Deirdre Gage from Created gallery in Chesterfield
  4. Part 4 - from Alison Bartram from Heart Gallery in Hebden Bridge
It was great to get the facts straight from Gallery Owners and Managers on what they want to see from us, so I then summarised the Top Tips into the final post which you can read here.

You can imagine how chuffed I was when jeweller Ailsa Poll aka Topaz Magpie, contacted me to say that she had been reading my blog series and had put the top tips into practice, gaining several new stockists of her gorgeous jewellery in the process!! I've invited her to tell us how she did it later this week so watch out for the heads up on Approaching Galleries from Ailsa Poll. Hurray, my top tips worked!!

If anyone else would like to share their success stories on approaching galleries and what worked for you then please do get in touch or leave a comment.

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