Thursday, 9 May 2013

Book Review - BlogInc - Joy Deangdeelert Cho

So I went on a bit in my previous post on Tuesday when I started to review this book, but I couldn't help it, I've been blogging a while so felt my newer readers needed the heads up and a bit of history about how I got to be here... still!

And, as I explained, I ordered a copy of BlogInc and delved into it as soon as it arrived and I now need to divulge why I enjoyed it so much and why you should treat yourselves and buy a copy asap....

It covers everything you need to know, from the beginnings of a blog idea, all the way through the practicalities of choosing your blogging platform, your blog name and style, through to growing it, making it make you some money and even making the break to blogging full time. It's full of practical advice, and is also sprinkled with case studies and interviews from a plethora of established bloggers who have made blogging their career. I found it really inspiring to read.

I was relieved to know I'm doing a lot of things 'right' but also picked up some great tips which I'm going to action after my second read through. These include sizing images correctly, rebranding, interacting with your audience and getting on to building your own creative community. This book would be great to read if you are brand new to blogging or, on the other hand, you just have a great blog idea but don't know where to start. But it's also been very useful to someone like me who has been blogging for a while and who wants to find out how to take their blog to the next level.

Initially I read it through quite quickly and forgot to make notes (as writing in a bought book still feels a wee bit like vandalism to me.... don't know why, I'm a long way over 30 and shouldn't really be living by these rules any longer... maybe they are just ingrained from school!!). Anyway, as I was saying, I've read it once and I'm now on my second read through, where I will be making notes, as there are so many useful tips. Even looking through the case studies and checking out the blogs gave me loads of ideas.

Really, I advise you, BUY IT!! If you are feeling a bit stuck with your blogging, or feeling like you want to start blogging but know nothing about how to, or even if you feel you know it all, but need a fresh point of view...this book is worth a read

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