Wednesday, 8 May 2013

My BCTF Favourites - Blueberry Park

The next of my BCTF favourites is the lovely Karen Lewis, from Blueberry Park. I got to know Karen, a self-taught designer maker with a passion for screen-printing, via twitter before BCTF and once I’d seen her work I knew I was going to have to pay her stand a visit and say hello. She was only just around the corner from me so it was great to be able to have a chat over the course of the BCTF show.

I asked Karen to tell me a bit about herself and this is what she had to say…

‘My name is Karen and I run my own business, Blueberry Park, from home, as well as looking after and running a house for my 3 children and husband. Life is busy! I love crafting and spend endless ideas doing or thinking about what I'm making. My main crafting loves are anything to do with textiles - fabric makes my senses go wild! The feel, the eye-candy of the patterns! When I have a mo, I'll take myself out for a run - I love being in the outdoors. At the other end of the spectrum I'll hide away with a pile of books and magazines, accompanied by a nice frothy real coffee...or glass of red wine.

As you can see Karen’s stand was choc full of brightly coloured hand printed goods, from lampshades to cushions and bags. It looked beautiful and I’m sure her well-chosen colour palette would have ahd the buyers queuing up.

If you want to find out a bit more about Karen you can check out her blog here where you can find links to her shops...

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