Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Leicester Print Workshop Screen Printing Course

SO this weekend I had the very pleasurable task of spending two days on a Screen Printing Course at Leicester Print Workshop. I've been hanging my nose over the course prospectus for a few years, promising myself I would enrol. This was a birthday present from my folks and was something I should have gone on last year but missed the course due to it being fully booked and me being too late! The course was structured over two days, with screen exposure and learning all the technical stuff on the Saturday and then spending Sunday printing all day. Let me just say, a weekend wasn't long enough!! I've come home with a bundle of prints, some of which I'm going to work on even more and some of which will soon be seen for sale in my shop

So why did I decide on screenprinting? Well many years ago, before I had even decided I wanted a creative career I did an evening class in Textiles with my sister, learning a little bit of everything. I loved the screenprinting part and got to try it again a few years later at college. It's been a while since then and I knew that having a refresher course would be great as my illustration work is a perfect fit for screenprinting.

I had also set myself the task of expanding my skillset, something I indentified as being important and a priority whilst on my mentoring course. I think it's great to learn a new skill and to be able to broaden your scope of work. I've come away with renewed enthusiasm for print and I'm seriously considering joining Leicester Print Workshop. As a member you have use of the facilities for £50 a year and a small hourly rate. As Gemma Wright, the excellent course tutor explained, the possibilities with printing are limitless and experimenting with colours, textures and shapes, in the presence of a tutor, is invaluable. Gemma was  always there when things went wrong and patiently explained how to overcome the various issues that the group were having throughout the weekend.

I'll be sharing some of the finished work with you later this week.

It seems a while since I have posted any new work. I should rephrase, it is a while since I have DONE any new work. Life lately just seems to have got in the way, I have been in a bit of a creative dip, burned out from a busy start to the year, and working extra at day job, which all left me feeling a bit drained and not very creative at all. I'm pleased to say I'm over all that now and raring to go, all fired up with new ideas, my first school workshop is happening next week and also I've just found out that I have funding to work with a Retail Business Consultant who specialises in Retail and Product Business Support. Watch this space more news on that soon. It's all happening!!

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