Friday, 28 June 2013

Screen Printing Course at Leicester Print Workshop

 I thought I would share a few images from the screen printing weekend  and some of the work I produced. We started with a demo from Gemma Wright, the course tutor, who explained the various ways we could go about making images for our screens. I had taken a sketchbook with me which gave me some inspiration for imagery and I used the black paper above to cut out some shapes to use on my screen.

 I also revisited my 'Vessels' idea, something I now know I definitely want to explore further and I cut out some of the vessel shapes from my sketchbook in black paper.

 I love the quality of line and the sharpness of the images. I did hand draw some other images but didn't end up using them as I was more drawn to the vessel shapes.

I really wanted to print my Wedding Cake in pink so I mixed a rather fetching shade of raspberry and used this on a few images on my screens. Result below.

This is the Wedding Cake screen which has been exposed from a photocopy of the print. Areas are taped off so no ink will get through and then the screen is inked up, flooded with ink with the squeegee and then printed. Lovely Raspberry Wedding Cakes....

A highly enjoyable weekend was had by all course attendees and I think there will be several of us who either register for other courses or join the print workshop. It's only £50 for the year, a definite investment in my opinion!!

Watch this space for further print news and wish me luck, I have my first School Workshop this week, working in collaboration with Creative Writer, Lisa Shipman. Will post photos and write up of our achievements later!

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  1. Screenprinting is such a gratifying art - it's been a while since I did any myself but seeing this makes me want to get going again! Lovely post :D


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