Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Why Blog?

Welcome to another new blog series, and this one is all about..... yes, you guessed it.... BLOGGING!

Over the past year or so my blog has really taken off, readership has grown and I've been receiving lots of positive comments about it from people I meet! It's always great to hear positive feedback and I have become really proud of my little blog and the reception it is getting from readers. It's something I really enjoy doing but I often wonder what my reasons are for blogging? What is my purpose and motivation for writing this blog? (pause and think!)

I've been blogging now for 6 years ever since the humble beginnings of the 'sooziebee' blog as I was working through the Foundation Course in Art and Design. I think I discovered 'blogs' whilst researching projects and found them a fascinating resource for inspiration, ideas and sense of community. Initially, my blog was my online diary of my work, recording what I was up to, talking about what I have been up to, peeking into my sketchbooks, recording holidays etc etc. It's great to look back and see how what I was doing, thinking and feeling back then. I rebranded in 2011/2012 and decided to start this blog and I'm still loving the blogging process.

But as for my reasons why I do it, that is something I ask myself quite often and I think there are quite a few reasons why. My blogging has changed and grown alongside my creative business and has become something quite different to what it started out as. Rather than just sharing my own work, the things I'm making myself, I started to share my experiences, the things I'm learning along the way, the things that others will find helpful, things I wish I'd know 5 years ago and things I wish someone had told me when I was starting out. I also love to share great work by the many talented makers I've found online or have met face to face. My blog has brought many new friends into my life, both virtual and those I have met, across the region, the country and abroad. It's a way of forming a community of like-minded individuals, a network of those who you can reach out to when you are suffering with feelings of isolation which can often strike when you are working on your own. As well as growing my blog it is also becoming more intergrated into my business and is a vital part of it now, all part of the brand, and a way of commmunicating my work and my message to an ever-growing audience.

All of these are the reasons I blog.

I'm starting a new series on blogging, looking at why we do it, how we do it and why we love it, interviewing other bloggers of inspirational blogs and sharing lots of lovely blog resources too. SO if there is something about 'blogging' you would like to see featured, or if you and your blog would like to be featured, please do drop me a line. The more the merrier!!

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  1. I'll look forward to this. I've been following your blog since 2008/2009 I think, and I love to see how much you have changed and how well you are doing, even though I rarely comment.
    I've often asked myself why I blog, I'm not certain of the answers in my case, and the reasons have changed over the eight years of my blog.
    Will be interesting to see what other's reasons are. x


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