Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Colours of Summer


I wanted to share a new little App discovery called Adobe Kuler, which I found out about from one the Screen Printing group a couple of weeks ago. It generates a 5-colour palette from whatever you point your phone at..... Clever eh? Hours of fun!!

I started playing with it in the garden one morning last week (when I was meant to be hanging out the washing!!). I think the poppy colours look really summery. I think you will be seeing a few more of these colour palettes in the near future.

 I've been that busy with interviews and new content for the blog that I just realised how long it has been since I have written a blog post about normal day-to-day life and the things I'm up to when I'm not working, making new work and blogging. So I just thought I would share a photo of my garden which suddenly seems to have sprung to life over the last few weeks and is now a riot of colour. The poppies I sprinkled last year have done me proud and the display is looking rather nice if I may say so myself!!

What are you growing in your garden at the moment?

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  1. hi sue, thanks for sharing Adobe Kular info, will pass that on to my mum.
    i am Georgia, on a property in South Australia, with a new garden going in.
    Planting and growing stacks from seed and cuttings, pansies , calandula , strawberries, raspberries ,french shallots, garlic, leeks, peas , beans, snow peas, 8 types of herbs, apple cucumbers, 2 types potatoes, lime and apple and lemon trees are 4 yrs old, tomatoes not yet purchased, have a green manure crop still in ground to get 2 new plots some va va voom, Two 9 mth old Isa Brown hens going well, lots of eggs, taking 3 WHITE DORPER wethers to butchers soon, hate those days! but superb meat.Compost from horse manure, old hay going well, finally . So thats my project for now!!!!! Georgia


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