Friday, 2 August 2013

A bit of news and a prize

It's Friday, the end of another working week, so I thought I'd finish the week by sharing a bit of news. I'm really excited to announce that I found out last week I had been accepted to take part in the November 9th and 10th Arts Market in Holmfirth. I got all of the information through last Saturday morning and I must admit, I did do a little happy dance when I opened the envelope!! I have applied on several occasions to the Art Market but wasn't lucky enough to get in and I very nearly gave up and stopped applying, wondering whether my work just wasn't right for them. But, it just goes to show what happens if you keep on trying..... Hurray.... very happy girl.... another of my ambitions realised!!

I have four fairs and one exhibition coming up before Christmas so I need to schedule some creative time in through the rest of this month and get some new work produced. I also need a big overhaul of the studio as I feel as though the walls are closing in on me at the moment. Too much stuff and not enough storage = a bit of hard work to get it all sorted. If I'm ever going to have an open studio day I need to get this space looking a LOT better!!

As well as this great news, I also need to share the results of the giveaway for places on Jo Gifford's 'Idea Generation and Creativity for Bloggers' e-course.

So I'm pleased to announce that OhHay and Melanie Wickham are the lucky winners of the places on Jo's e-course. Please can you both drop me an email and I'll pass your details on to Jo.

As for me, I'm winding down my blogging and social media for a while, and hoping to spend some good quality time creating in the studio during August. All will be explained on Monday. Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy the sun!!


  1. That is brilliant news!!! It's so true that you have to persist and keep on trying :-)

    1. Thanks!! Really pleased to have been accepted this year!!


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