Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Top Ten - Blogs Du Jour - Part 1

I just wanted to share a few of the blogs I've been reading lately (I've found some great new ones recently via Twitter). I always love reading other peoples' blogs so it was difficult for me to be able to narrow down my list of faves!! Watch out for Part 2 next week!

  • Creative Boom: is a UK-based blog by Katy Cowan, championing art, design and creativity across the globe. It's chock-full of inspiration, interviews and gorgeous pictures and there is something there for everyone. This blog started out as a hobby for Katy but now readership has hit a staggering 20 million a month! Now that's what I call impressive. It just goes to show how you can achieve blog success with hard work, passion, determination and great content. Check it out for yourself, there's even a jobs page for the Creative Industries Sector.

  • The Art Of Work: a blog by Pete Mosley, creative mentor, writer for Craft and Design Magazine, author and very nice man! It covers some great business topics which I have found extremely useful over the past year. These include pricing, effective communication skills, financial tools, challenging issues that are commonplace amongst the self-employed creative community. Also there's info on there about Pete's mentoring packages, talks and seminars and Pete's book, Make Your Creativity Pay.

  • The Dexterous Diva: the blog of the lovely Jo Gifford aka The Ideas Girl. This blog's brand is creativity for life, blog and business so it ticks boxes for me on all counts. Jo's interest in the creative process shines through here, and blog posts about ideas generation, organisation, blog tips, as well as her Ideas generation and Creativity for Bloggers E-course, will have your head spinning with ideas for creativity!

  • Emma Frances Designs: the blog of surface pattern designer, Emma Frances gives an upclose and personal account of life as a Surface pattern Designer. Emma shares her experience of running her own design company as well as interviews with other designers, what's inspiring her at the moment and a peek into her life. It also takes us through her process of taking part in the 'Art and Business of Surface Pattern' by Rachel Taylor and Beth Nicholls, and it gives readers an idea of what it's really like working in the Surface Pattern industry, sharing with us what she is learning along the way.

  • Crafting Fingers: inspiring blog by Anna Simmonds who is taking us through her self-imposed challenge of learning a new craft every month throughout 2013. A new craft every month I hear you exclaim.... why on earth would you want to do that? Well I'm sure Anna has been asked this a lot and her reason is simple - Crafting is good for the soul! Anna's blog is all about living a simpler, fuller, handmade life. Follow her on her journey, from crochet to pyrography, this is a fascinating glimpse into Anna's year of crafting possibilities.

So there you go, if you need some inspiring blog reading...

If there are any other blogs of note you would like to share then please leave a comment with a link to the blog and we can all get reading...

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