Monday, 7 October 2013

Exciting product developments

Last year as part of the Design Factory Mentoring Scheme I worked with my mentor Debbie Bryan and we looked at how I could expand my product range. I had always been interested in looking at how I could adapt my designs for different media, ceramics, print and textiles being three areas I wanted to explore. I invested in some whiteware with a view to getting some of my designs onto them and testing a sample of new products with my market. Well, it's a good job no-one was holding their breath whilst waiting for that to happen... It has been on my jobs list for the past twelve months but The Festival of Words, BCTF and other shows kind of took over and my focus was elsewhere.

Time has passed but I have always wanted to get on with this and I'm pleased to say I finally have. I have ordered the decals and have arranged some kiln space (with the help of a very kind friend) so very soon I should be able to unveil my new collection to the world. I'm VERY excited!!

I also have some more exciting news which I can tell you about very soon too in other areas of my business... Ooh, the suspense of it!!

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