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Sketchbook Peeks - Harriet Alice Fox


Before we start, tell us a little about yourself/how did you get into art/craft/design career and how it all started and where you are now.

I actually work full time as an assistant buyer at a clothing company and all my illustration and design work is done in my own time. I have always been creative and enjoyed art from a very young age. I studied art at A-level, Foundation Diploma and went on to study Surface Design at Degree Level graduating from the University of Huddersfield three years ago.
Since then I have spent the majority of my free time pursuing my love of illustration, design and crafting. I design and print my own cards and you can see a full range on my website. ( I currently live with my partner Tom and cat Moby who enjoys being my desk buddy.

How long have you been using sketchbooks?

I have used sketchbooks for as long as I can remember, I still have some from when I was twelve years old, though my art style has changed quite a bit. In my house I have a painting I made for my neighbour of my childhood home when I was seven, she framed it for me as a graduation present.

How often do you sketch?

I sketch every week, I try to sketch most evenings, and more if I have a free weekend. Lately I have been sketching to try to improve a weakness of mine – faces. How do you feel about the prospect of starting a new sketchbook? I really like it; it’s just like having a fresh start. You can take your art in a whole new direction, although the very first piece may be a daunting task. I have just started working on my sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project ( and I find it quite exciting starting a project specific sketchbook.

When/where do you get your inspiration for your sketchbook pages?

Inspiration can come from anywhere. I do follow a lot of blogs and I find the writers to be very inspiring. I also have a small library of books that I use as reference points for ideas or techniques. How would you describe your creative process? I sketch out ideas in my sketchbook or on paper, then draw again if need be or redefine the original sketch with a fine liner pen. Sometimes I paint the piece or I will scan into the computer to colour it. Most of my cards are created this way and printed at home.

Have your sketchbooks evolved over the years and if so, how?

Completely, I have learnt to use sketchbooks for the development of pieces rather than just the finished design, and not to worry too much if it’s not perfect.

What is your favourite medium to work with?

I think my favourite medium is acrylic paint as I love how bold and bright it can be, although the medium I mainly use is a fine liner pen. The majority of my work is outlined with fine liner and has a bright colour scheme.

Do you have a favourite sketchbook?

One of my favourite sketchbooks is one from my first year of University. It was a trend book project based on colour. The sketchbook was a mixed media piece of collage, paint and stitch, bound together. I loved the book as lots of different elements were pulled together, and the exploration of colour is a subject I found really interesting. Another of my favourites is my sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project, based on my family, although this is a project and a sketchbook that has just begun.

If you had to pick one favourite page which would it be and why?

My favourite page so far out of my sketchbook project sketchbook is one where I have planned out some portraits. It shows the plan for the cover of my sketchbook ‘I See No Ships’ and two of my family members dressed in their army uniforms. Although they are only the first drafts I like the page together as is encompasses the theme of my whole project. I will be posting updates of my project ‘I See No Ships’ on my blog throughout this year.

Twitter: @harrietalicefox

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