Monday, 18 November 2013

Taking my time

Hi there, I'm still here just in case you were wondering where I had got to. Been busy beavering away in the background, sorting stock for selling fairs and exhibitions, travelling to and fro, frantically trying to tidy up the studio so the four walls don't feel as though they are closing in on me! It does feel a bit like studio-tetris at the moment, not quite enough room for everything, or quite enough space to manoeuvre things in and out. The only time it ever seems tidy is when the car is packed to the brim and I'm off to a fair or show.

As I have hinted in the previous couple of blog posts I have been doing a lot of pondering recently about the things I am enjoying/not enjoying about my business at the moment and I want to redress the balance. Some of the tasks I found really enjoyable this time last year are now becoming draining and more of a challenge and I'm consistently finding I'm not getting time to do some of the things I really want. All of this thinking and pondering has lead me to a big decision. 

I have decided that from January 2014 I'm taking several months off (I'm thinking 6??) from new events and projects and instead I'm planning some quality time in the studio and out and about. I think I need to get back in touch with creating 'just because' rather than working to someone else's time scale and brief. Although I love my illustrations and working with ink, I want to spread my wings and rediscover the other media I love such as watercolour, ceramics and print.

I've been researching this idea already and I've been pleasantly surprised about the things I am reading. From the informative and inspiring blog detailing Johanna Basford's creative sabbatical, to the TED Talk by Stefan Sagmeister I hear one strong message coming through, we can all benefit from taking a break.

I want to get inspired again, rather than feeling I have to stick to the same formula, allow space and time for new ideas, rather than feeling under pressure to meet deadlines and demands. I know I'm lucky to be in the position to choose this path, as I also have a job which pays my bills, but I think if I want to be serious about the longevity of my creative business I need to give myself some time to experiment and grow....

Does this sound familiar? Is anyone else feeling the same? Have you had a break from your creative business and how did it feel?

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