Monday, 20 January 2014

Artists inspiring me at the moment

I thought I would share with you some images from artist whose work is inspiring me at the moment

Emil Nolde - Marschlandschaft mit Bauerhof 1935

Helen Hallows - As the Crow Flies

Michael Morgan - The Copse

Pip carpenter - Fields Ablaze

Paul Bailey - Upon Magenta Ridge

Landscape by Judith Reece

Rebecca Vincent - Horsley Printmakers

Kurt Jackson

Rob Van Hoek - Travelling by Moonlight
You can also find my landscape Pinterest board here, it's jampacked full of beautiful pins which I've been collecting since becoming inspired by landscape again. I can only show a few of them here. I think I have always loved layered landscapes, they seem to have been a recurring theme in my sketchbooks looking back over them as I did recently. I remember one holiday in France when I sat and sketched the rolling vista in front of me under the the shade of the olive tree, I am drawn to the fluidity, the rolling hills and the colours and shapes, the man-made marks and furrows, hedges, walls, and cultivated lines of corn, as well the natural forms of the land.

I recently exhibited with the lovely and talented Helen Hallows, and I marvelled at her atmospheric collaged and mixed media landscapes at the exhibition, secretly wishing I could own one of her winter pieces, it would go so perfectly in our bedroom. I think working with Helen and seeing such a large body of her work at close quarters, has made me look at the landscape with different eyes, and it has certainly inspired me to want to capture my own vision of it. So that's one of the reasons I have decided I want to explore the landscape in my new work. I also want to get out and sketch plein air, and enjoy the feeling of space and the landscape around me. Living in rural Notts there are some lovely rolling hills on my door step so I shall be making the most of them over the next few months when I get out and explore my local landscape.

I've been examining my landscape board on pinterest and have been asking myself why these images appeal to me so much, what is it in them that draws me? I think it's the use of bold colours, and textures, something I really want to explore in my own work. I also love the inclusion of the lobe dwellings which feature so prominently in the work of Paul Bailey and Michael Morgan. I didn't realise watercolour could be so deep and vibrant. Both this and the texture of the landscape is something I really hope to be able to capture within my own work. Although the ideas I hold in my head will probably be very different to what comes out on paper.... we will have to wait and see. For now, I have lots to learn, and lots of practicing and playing to do.

I think I might pick a couple of my inspirating artists and explore their work in a bit more depth over the next few weeks... will let you know how I get on.

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