Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Finding a new way of working

Today I wanted to show you some of the textures I have been working on whilst working through the book Water Paper Paint. This book has become my new studio bible and it is helping me to learn all about the different aspects of the medium of watercolour painting, through a series of projects and experimentation. I think I have managed to grasp the paper stretching technique, after lots of lovely people gave me helpful hints, and I managed to successfully stretch two watercolour pages to my board without any undue ripples - thanks to you all!! 

I'm sure you've all realised that I'm not really interested in the traditional technique of watercolour, detailed and precise, but I'm going for a more unpredictable, splashy, colourful style in the work I want to make. This is something I have tried in the past when I did some landscapes with textile ink on fabric, and I've always loved the uncontrolled way the colours merge and bleed. For some reason I have an urge to continue with this so I'm listening to my heart and following it.

I must admit thought, spending time researching and experimenting with a new media feels really strange to me. I've always worked with a to-do list and have been very task focused in the past whenever I have had studio days. I always used to review my notebook on Wednesday evening after I finished my day job and then write my list of what needed doing the following day, so I knew what I needed to focus on. So working without a solid plan has felt really alien to me this last couple of weeks. I keep feeling anxious that I'm wasting time, but I keep coming back to my word of the year, Patience, and this is helping ground my thoughts and enjoy the process of not having a defined outcome in mind for the day. The only thing I need to do is to learns something new each time I am in the studio and then I will have accomplished my goal.

So these images above are looking at ways to add texture to watercolour paint by applying textured surfaces to the wet paint. I'm sitting waiting for them to dry (being patient) and I'm really excited to see the results....

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