Thursday, 23 January 2014

Happy days

Yesterday was a really enjoyable day. For one thing I got a rare day with the house to myself, so it was great to meet with Hayley from Design Factory, who had come round to do my membership review. The last time we met was just after I joined Design Factory, in March 2012, and reading through the notes she had made, it was like a trip down memory lane, as I was just in the throes of preparing for BCTF for the first time. How long ago does that seem? We reviewed the goals and aspirations I had at that time, and I'm pleased to say that I achieved a lot of the things I had set out to do, which is a nice feeling and makes me feel a lot more positive about my progress.

When Hayley left I spent a bit of time catching up with jobs, sorting out orders and getting soaked on a trip to the post office and then I knuckled down with my Water Paper Paint book and continued working through the tasks and chapters. This week I tried scraping paint to give a different kind of background to ones I had done last week with colour washes. also on the menu this week were splashing, blowing, splattering, results above.

I've also been trying my different sized brushes and experimenting with mark-making. I think I need a trip to the art shop to get some new brushes and some different weights and textures of paper. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good selection of brushes for watercolour? I'd be interested to hear from you.....

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