Friday, 10 January 2014

Water Paper Paint

So I treated myself to a couple of new books to help me on my way on the path to a more colourful creative life. The first was Water Paper Paint by Heather Smith Jones which is just what I need. It explores different ways we can use watercolour and it encourages you to do your own thing whilst giving you some of the theory behind watercolour and how to help you explore the medium. 

Having read through the basics and learning about the different papers, paint types, brushes and palettes I couldn't wait to get started. The rest of the book is comprised of projects covering different techniques you can use with watercolour and I've decided I'm going to work my way through them and I've started at the very beginning today with Working Wet into Wet. I've managed to prise the lids off my watercolor tubes, panicking slightly when I thought they had all dried up in the tubes, and have reintroduced myself to my colours, recording them in my sketchbook so I know which is which. I've also had a play around with consistency, paint:water ratio and have had the chance to see how the paint handles and mixes with other colours when wet.

I've dabbled with the watercolour medium before, very tentatively, not really knowing what I was doing, so it's great to be able to follow a structured course of projects. I already have a few favourite colours which I know I will be using more than the others, and I can't wait to get my teeth into the rest of this book.... Reminder to self.... Word of the year Patience...... I'm not even thinking about end pieces and am enjoying the process of exploration and learning again. It's refreshing to get messy after the last few years working very tightly and precisely with ink, I'm loosening up and splashing paint around a bit more, and loving it!!

I think I need to stop being so precious about the pristine pads of watercolour paper I have saved for best, and get them out and use them up. Last week and friend and I discussed this notion of saving supplies, paint, paper for best. I'll be blogging about this silly notion next week, and exploring how this can be barrier stopping us from creating.

As well as painting. I've also been looking back through my sketchbooks, picking out favourite pages, asking myself what appeals to me, and why I am drawn to the things I am,  and I've also been researching other artists who inspire me. I will share some of these with you next week too!


  1. Love it! I know that silly notion only too well, there have been times when I've come across pads 10 years old! This week I had a big (ish) delivery of supplies, and next week I plan on throwing the whole lot around with reckless abandon, and not caring if I churn out a bunch of crap! :)

  2. Ooh that's sounds exciting dawn please share the pictures

    1. Oh dear, I fear I may have 'bigged' myself up a bit there! I don't think I've ever actually had reckless abandon in my whole life ;) If I do manage it, I'll be sure to let you know! :)


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