Monday, 27 January 2014

Working on your own -

One of the joys and/or challenges of working for yourself, depending on how you're feeling and how you view it, is working on your own. For many, this beats, hands down, the alternative of working in a corporate environment and many wouldn't swap it for the world. I'm lucky as I get to have the best of both worlds, working with my lovely team in the pharmacy I manage, as well as having 'me' time in the studio, where I can enjoy my own company, listening to my music, podcasts or the radio, or just peace and solitude and time to be alone. At one time I did think I would love to work in my studio full time but after a spell of a week when I once gave it a try, I realised that, as a permanent arrangement, it wasn't for me. I like the balance of both, although at times it is a fine balance, too much of one and I crave the other.

Other creative people I know, both personally and online, often talk about the isolation of working alone and they find it really useful to meet up with others, for a bit of a creative chat, cup of tea, and just to connect with other like-minded folk. This is something I do really enjoy, and something I'm going to make the effort to do this year, in my quest for cake, nosing around studios and workspaces other than my own, delving into the creative minds of others and learning new things. I'm intrigued by what makes other creative minds tick, so I will be doing my own bit of research and hoping to find out more about they dative process. As well as getting out and about to meet my creative friends I'm  also hoping to enrol on a couple of creative courses to expand my knowledge in the company of others, so I will be blogging about that too over the coming months.

So for those of you who do work in isolation, in your own creative haven of peace and quiet, would you change a thing, or do you yearn for a bit of company and conversation every now and then? How do you cope with working on your own... Do you use social media to connect with your peers or do you belong to an organisation who meets regularly for support and networking... I'm all ears, please leave your comments below

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  1. hello sue, well i know how isolated i sometimes feel, living and working from home on my property in rural Australia, about an hr out of a big town.When i have a huge job to do and its not going well and i dont have my previous partner to give me a small amount of backup/support, i have had a couple of near breakdowns.The pressure of working completely by yourself and responsible for getting everything done correctly and delivered on time, but maybe my time management is poor and i let home distractions stick their noses in.Mind you i am proud of what i can do and i cover most of my own bills.Currently i am not chasing any work, just working on and around my property, totally not interested in my work, even though it pays.
    So i am a bit lost but am trying to sort out some of my good photographs to get printed and framed, trying to repaint the whole house and shed eaves.I do love it here on my own piece of heaven, no noise, just birds singing,my horses, and no noisy neighbors, but i would like contact with people, so i often drive around by myself, into country towns, just looking, that helps me keep grounded. Dont use social media, but read books an awful lot. I guess one has less enthusiasm when constantly on their own, no one to egg them on,so i am looking at everyone else,s blogs and this is really encouraging me, so dont give up on your self, go to plan B.


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