Friday, 7 February 2014

Incorporating line

Today I've been out and about with my sketchbook and camera, checking out the inspiration on my doorstep. The Trent valley contains some typically English rolling hills, it is very agricultural, and being a farmers daughter myself, I love to see the effect that man has had on the landscape, the undulations of the land accentuated by tractor treads, the lines of seed sown each autumn, the furrows ploughed and the barley swaying in the early summer..... Ahhh... Happy memories of growing up on a farm..

But for now, Nottinghamshire is my home and here are some of the shots I took today, a brighter day than we have had of late, the sun even showed his face. Is spring around the corner? I hope the snowdrops I saw this morning are a sign it is truly on its way....

On returning home the studio, the paper I had stretched earlier had dried, so I was pleased to have patiently prepared. My task for the afternoon: four different representation of the same image. I decided initially to try to base today's experiments on line, having just bought myself a lovely new pen-brush and also I wanted to see how it compared to ink, water soluble and resistant.... It was great to see how the quality of line changed throughout. Such fun!! The results most certainly won't win any prizes but they are proving to me that I CAN adapt to a new medium, however frustrating the progress is at times. I have to keep reminding myself of my word for the year.... Patience.... I'm enjoying the journey, who knows where I will end up??

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  1. Hi Sue, It all looks pretty good to me. Such a departure! I can't wait to see where this journey leads. Good for you. :-)


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