Sunday, 27 April 2014


So I've been away a while, it's getting to that time of year when the draw of the caravan and the time 
we can spend away from home exploring new places becomes irresistible and I find myself thinking about where we are off to next in the lovely country in which we are lucky enough to live. Last week was Wales, (although it doesn't seem long since we were just back from Devon) and we had a lovely relaxing week, filling our days with walking, taking in the views of the glorious Welsh coastline, taking time to read books, sketch, play Scrabble.... It is over far too quickly and I now find myself heading back to work tomorrow... But next weekend is Bank holiday.... Hurray!!

I also feel I haven't had a lot to share recently, I've turned inward, puzzled with how I have been feeling,  and have been mulling things over a lot, thinking about my direction, reasons why I've chosen my creative path, and why I've been feeling a distinct lack of enthusiasm and motivation, and I have wanted to spare you the boredom of reading about it all!!

But... Eureka Moment... Enrolling on a fabulous e-course Unearth Gather Create by my good friend Gillian Lee Smith earlier this year..... I must admit I was slightly concerned about what it would all entail, and how I would fit it in around work and life, but having been feeling the way I have for a few uninspired months I think it was the right thing to do. 

Lessons started at the beginning of April and I couldn't wait to see what they contained. Needless to say I haven't been able to keep up with them, as the content has been so full of depth and scope, very thought provoking and just what I need at the moment. I'm going to blog more about what I've done so far, what I have unearthed and discovered. I've incorporated writing into my creative practice at Gillian's suggestion and have already come up with a few of the answers which had so far eluded me. 

If you are feeling curious about this ecourse and what it entails let me direct you to the website where you can find out more.

there is another intake in June if you are tempted to register....

Friday, 4 April 2014

Back from Devon and a new e-course

A few Devon delights from our recent holiday in Riverside Cottage near Sidmouth. What a beautiful part of the country. I've come home feeling inspired by the beautiful countryside and scenery, as well as the wealth of creativity I found in some of the most lovely galleries.

This week I'm starting my first ever e-course Unearth, Gather, Create which I'm really excited about. the first class is next week, so I hope you'll be following me and what I get up to. I'm looking forward to the journey.

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