Thursday, 8 May 2014

New habits

Have you ever got so caught up with your creative direction that you become blinkered to change or to doing things differently? You know what works for you so you stick to your tried and tested success recipe? It's so easy to slip into a comfortable and familiar way of working, it feels good and it works for you, and you do it so often it becomes second nature. This can be great, the work flows and everything seems rosy. I feel this has been me for the last few years, I got into a groove and went with it, I've had a fab time, and have achieved lots more than I ever thought I would. But what happens when you start feeling stale, unfulfilled or just plain bored with what you are doing? You lose one of your magic ingredient, and the recipe you have been working with no longer works for you....

Well, you know the expression 'a change is as good as a rest'? I think it just might be true. The course I'm currently taking (Unearth, Gather, Create) has un-blinkered me - the prompts and tasks I have done so far are stretching me to work and think in ways I haven't before and I'm loving it. Writing, for example, has never really been part of my creative process, unless of course you count the endless lists I used to compile for myself on a weekly basis. This was writing but in its most practical sense!! 

Unearth, Gather, Create is encouraging me to incorporate creative writing and journaling into my practice, something I initially really struggled with. Remember that beautiful leather bound journal I mentioned a while ago? I've been using that to write in, but seem to have been going round in circles with the things I was saying and it seemed pointless. Something in this process seemed to be jarring and not quite coming naturally and it was niggling away at me. Then one of the lesson prompts seems to just make it click into place. 

My practical side was battling with the creative side - I wasn't writing the things I thought I 'should' be, but I couldn't work out what it was I 'should' be writing. When the penny finally dropped, I realised that there isn't really a prescribed formula to this writing lark, everyone is unique, and you just have to try to find the formula that works for you, so I decided to just start making notes from the tutorials, and plans and ideas soon came tumbling out onto the paper... Then the lightbulb went on and I realised I was doing it, just writing.... creatively.... No disjointed unsatisfactory feelings of inadequacy, just writing.
So, my point is, after my rather long winded explanation, I've now formed a new habit of writing as part of my creative process and I think it is helping, with the thought provoking prompts from Gillian, to help me for the jigsaw pieces of my own creativity back together in a new and exciting way. I can't way to see what it will look like when it's completed....

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