Thursday, 1 May 2014

Why I enrolled on an ecourse...


Have you ever thought that ….
  • you don’t have any ideas to develop work from
  • you have difficulty knowing where or how to begin in developing your own style.
  • you want to expand your own personal language in mark-making and expression.
  • you want to go beyond being inspired by other artists but think everything has been done before.
  • you want to develop your own unique style and create art that you are deeply connected with.
  • you have the skills to create art, but it no longer excites you.

These words spoke to me!! This was the opening statement for the Ecourse I enrolled on earlier this year. The timing was perfect, I'd decided to have a few months away from the work I had been doing, and I thought this was the ideal tool to help me achieve some perspective during 2014. I will admit, yes I was sceptical, having never participated in such a course before, I didn't know how it would all work and whether I could even achieve any of the above within the allotted time, but I thought I'd take a chance and treat myself anyway.

Having gathered my materials, nervously anticipated the first week of lessons and started to work my way through the tasks and exercises I can say it has already got me to think about my art and creativity in ways I never have before. It has been like going back to school. Gillian's style of teaching makes it so easy to connect with what she has set out to achieve with this course, and I'm finding myself listening to the tutorial ideas, making notes and setting out my goals and ideas for the course.

Last week, after I got back from Wales is decided to go right back to the beginning and started to explore the mark making lesson. It was great to get my hands dirty and rediscover the contents of my cupboard. It felt like Christmas had come again as I started to unearth my stash of art supplies, most of which had been long forgotten as my obsession with black ink and white paper had grown over the past couple of years. There has been no space for dirty finger marks and dust and smudges in my studio with the work I had been making recently so it felt a bit strange to break out the charcoal and blending sticks, pastels and erasers and just make some marks onto paper. But the more I did, the more I realised what I have been missing and it felt amazing to start to see that there is more to my creative direction than intricate ink, pristine and precise line. So already you can see what a difference this course could potentially make to me.... I'll be blogging about it as I go.... Feel free to join me!!

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